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Boat Angel Spokeswoman We know that transferring a boat is a difficult process. We have years of experience and have successfully processed thousands of donations. Because of the generosity of our many boat donors we have been able to fund our children's outreaches worldwide! Please fill out our Online Form or Call Us at 800-227-2643. Along with our Donation Package we will also send you a sample of one of our many children's programs. Thank you, the Boat Angel Team.

BoatAngel Proudly Supports Mercy Ships!

Mercy Ships

"We thank you so much Angel Ministries for your support of Mercy Ships. We are using your funds to further outfit our newest hospital ship which will have 6 full operating theatres, 70 hospital beds and over 450 rooms."
Don Stephens, Director, Mercy Ships

The growing fleet of hospital ships brings medical attention and sustainable development to thousands of people in dire need.

What World Leaders say about Mercy Ships!

"For many years now, Mercy Ships has provided medical services for the poor throughout the world. You're reaching out to people in need - feeding the hungry, caring for the lonely, and giving urgent medical help to those who need it. I have every hope you will continue to reach more and more patients in the years beyond. I know you will continue your mission of bringing hope and healing to those who need it most. May God continue to bless you in your important work."
George W. Bush - Former President, USA

"Their work goes beyond healing and comforting the sick ... it provides a sense of hope that is badly needed in the places they work. I am delighted to give my support to Mercy Ships." Tony Blair - Former Prime Minister, UK

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Get tax savings while helping others!
Receive a tax deduction and change a life!


How to Donate your boat in 50 seconds or less!

To complete the process of donating a boat make sure to print your receipt.

Welcome to the nicest national 501-C-3 NON-PROFIT boat donation center in the USA. Our charity workers are on hand six days a week to answer all your questions. We accept boats and yachts from all across America. We are very selective about the causes that we serve. We also allow our donors to designate other causes and charities that benefit from their yacht, boat or jet ski donation. Your boat donation enables us to produce life-changing values-based children's books & animations as well as uplifting media for teenagers. When you Donate a Boat, YOU REALLY MAKE a Difference in people's lives!

Let Us Help You!

Please give your boat even if it is not in running condition. We make all the arrangements to pick-up your boat, yacht or vessel at no cost to you.

You can receive the full fair market value as a lawful IRS tax deduction for your boat  ... Donate a boat today!.

Get free boat pick-up, whether she runs or not (restrictions apply)!
Avoid all the headaches of selling a used boat -- there are no expensive want ads, no taking phone calls, no showing the boat, no price haggling...

Immediate Free Wonderful Service: We will arrange to pick-up your boat donations anywhere in the United States now. We supply you with the necessary legal paperwork so you can claim your tax deductible charitable vehicle donation.

Call us free-of-charge on 1.800.227.2643
or Our DIRECT PICKUP LINE 1.602.903.4449



Thank You & May God Bless You!

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All boats donated on this site are received by Boat Angel Outreach Center.

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You can Donate Your Boat & Yacht

The following states have benefited from programs and projects sponsored by Boat Angel Outreach Center:
Texas, California, New Mexico Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, Utah, Kansas, Nebraska, South Dakota, Washington, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Missouri, Florida, Wisconsin, Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, New York, North Carolina, Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Maine, South Carolina, West Virginia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Connecticut, Delaware, Rhode Island, District of Columbia, Hawaii


Many people have called Boat Angel from Florida requesting information inquiring about the process of Boat Donations, recently a man called from the Orlando area about his Seidelman Sailboat. He wanted to know about the free vacation package we offered and how he would receive his tax form. We told him that the tax form was sent to him immediately about sale of the boat. The IRS requires us to sell the donation boats within six months of receipt but our process moves it up to about 14 days. It doesn't matter to us whether it is a fishing boat with a broken engine or a small yacht; we treat every boat donation the same. Some of the donors ask if we accept cars and they ask if our car donations are managed the same way. The process for cars is the same the same charity programs are benefited when we process cars. We photograph the vehicles and the donors receive a free vacation and IRS tax receipt. So whether you are in Florida or accross the USA in California we will handle your boat donation with care and expertise.






RECENTLY SOLD BOATS (not donated boats for sale)

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19' Chapparal Openbow 28' Chris Craft Catalina 22' Bayliner Cruiser 25' Regal Ambassador 24' Baja Cabin Cruiser 25' Hunter 24' TollotsonJ24 25' Macgregor

27' Catalina NJ     22' Catalina 26' Ericson   26' Pearson        20' Signet