44' Pacemaker Yacht 1965

Recently reworked interior, twin inboard Chrysler 440's
needs some engine work.


Boat Reviews

This 1965 Pacemaker 44 foot yacht is certainly a rare find. It is rare to find a boat of this age with a wood hull that can survive so long without needing a total rebuilt. The nice thing about this boat is that it is like having a waterfront apartment only a fraction of the cost. Although during the winter when the water freezes over it will have to be near bubbles during the spring summer and fall you really can live on this boat with a degree of comfort. The galley is quite sizable. The master stateroom is nice as well.

When you live on a boat of this size you constantly need to check the batteries and the bilge pumps with all wood boats as time goes on you develop leaks around the windows at the top of the cabin and those leaks bring fresh water into the bilge if you are not careful that water can build up and short out your battery and get into the engine as well.

People that leave boats like this 44 Pacemaker for any period of time always hire someone to check daily to make sure the bilge is still running.

You may want to check the regulations before buying a boat like this not all marinas want you to use a non running boat as a live aboard. you will need to rent from a marina that can provide pump out services right at the dockside as this boat will not function well enough to allow you to use a pump out by the service center.