20' Signet Sailboat

5 hp Outboard Runs good.
It is in dry dock with its mast down at:
Haverstraw Marine, 600 Beach Road
West Haverstraw, New York 10993

Boat Review Signet 20 Sailboat on the Hudson River New York

The best thing about this twenty foot daysailer made by the Signet boat company is that is docked on the Hudson River and is a quick drive from the city.

Boats in the twenty foot range are fairly easy to come by we have seen them sell for as little as $500 dollars even with a nice outboard. However, they are not inexpensive to store and without a trailer you should count on spending about $3000 a year to keep the boat at a marina. If you are fortunate to have a house on a lake you can dock it for free but without a bubble system, you will need to take the boat out every year which is quite a task as the keel depth is at least 3 feet and getting this boat out of the water on a ramp is very hard.

The Mercury 9.9 horse engine is quite expensive new. We have seen them selling for upwards of $3000 but you cannot just expect to pick the boat up for a few hundred dollars strip off the engine and leave it. You need to pickup the boat and take it away and either title or register it in your name.

The hull is sound the main sail has been well maintained and sailing on the Hudson well that speaks for itself it is probably one of the most beautiful waterways in the United States.