A Note from Boat Angel Team Members:

Hundreds of people every month have called us or email us regarding a boat they might be thinking of donating. Their questions usually boil down to two main concerns. They ask us, “I How fast can you have my boat moved ?” and normally they follow that question us with “How much will my tax deduction be if I donate it. I don’t want to spend the time selling it.”

The value of the tax deduction depends on the value of the boat. There is a minimum for boats and trailers (Both are considered separate donations) that you are allowed even for a very old items. The IRS form 1098c was made just for boat, cars and airplanes and we will be happy to email you a copy of one as well as provide you with one filled out when the process is completed. Lots of people donate instead of selling because quite simply – it is easier. With our EZ process you fill out a form, send a copy of your registration or title (We supply the post paid envelope) and supply us with a few photos (We even supply the camera.)

You can be assured we will process the donation quickly and make sure you get the true value of your boat as a deduction. If your boat is at a marina with the engine not working, it can still be donated. If the trailer lights are broken and the tires are flat, it can still be a donation. Boat Angel will process your boat working or not. Many of the boats donated to Boat Angel Outreach Center are moved within two weeks without the donor having to do more than take a few photos and send back a questionnaire. We make the EZ process easy for you. Fill out our EZ-donation form and give our process a chance to work for you. Do something nice for charity and let our charity do something nice for you.

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