Boat Angel Ministries Winning Bidder Instructions

We require the winning bid and document handling fee within 48 hours of auction close. Your up to date contact information is also required and you can easily submit it by submitting the form at the bottom of this page. Winning bidder will be issued a Bill of Sale and contact information for pickup only after Boat Angel receives funds.

Instructions are as follows:

  • 1. If you chose to send a Certified Check to Boat Angel Outreach Center:

    Simply send the funds in full to the address below and then give us a call at 602-903-1844 or Toll-Free 800-227-2643 to inform us:


    Boat Angel Outreach Center
    1641 E. University Dr., Suite 104
    Mesa, AZ 85203-8131

  • 2. Wiring Instructions Bank to Bank:

    Most banks will not allow you to wire funds unless you have an account with them. If you do they will help you fill out the wire instructions. Most bank wire departments close around 2:00 PM so it is best to go in the morning and fill out the wiring instructions. Please let us know a wire is coming, request they FAX our office at 480-668-4855 (our FAX number). If you are able to, call us from the bank and let us know as well at 602-903-1844 or Toll-Free 800-227-2643. You will normally pay a wire fee from $20 to $35 although some banks will incldue free wires for certain platinum customers.


    1904 N. LINDSAY ROAD
    MESA, AZ 85213
    TEL NO: 480-733-4387
    FAX NO: 480-835-5348


    1641 E UNIVERSITY DR, STE 104
    MESA, AZ 85203
    TEL NO: 602-903-4449
    FAX NO: 480-668-4855


    ROUTING NUMBER: 026009593
    ACCOUNT NUMBER: 457000952507
    TAX ID NUMBER: 42-1619552

  • 3. Walk-In Deposit at a local Bank of America where you live:

    Please feel free to call us 602-903-1844 if you need to know local Bank of America offices. If your city or area does not have one this option will not be available.

    Teller deposits are available in all Bank of America locations. They have a special deposit slip that allows you to place money in a Bank of America accounts in all the branches in the United States. In order to deposit to Boat Angel Outreach Center you will just need to circle the AZ for Arizona. This will notify the banking computer system the funds are going to an Arizona account. This is a quick process for the buyer. There are no fees and boat pickup information can be released quickly as the deposits process generally the same day and oftentimes within minutes of the transaction. You don't have to pay courier services, certified checks or wire fees.

    Please fax a copy of the Deposit Slip to 480-668-4855. A call would also be appreciated and we can usually check our online banking records to confirm the deposit.


    ROUTING NUMBER: 026009593
    ACCOUNT NUMBER: 457000952507
    TAX ID NUMBER: 42-1619552

    *NOTICE: DEPOSIT ONLY ACCOUNT. We have placed holds on this account to disable any withdrawals. Please make sure the teller reads the notes attached to the account. Bank of America has placed notes on our account that explain this is a Deposit Only account with holds against withdrawals.

    **If space permits be sure to write down your name, the item you are buying and if possible the eBay number before processing the deposit. Sometimes two items sell for the same amount. By notifying which item you are buying we are able to speed up the process. Call us to inform of a direct deposit, Toll-Free at: 800-227-2643

    You can search on Google Maps for Bank of America local branches and get directions to the branch nearest your house or place of business.

  • 4. You can use PayPal for all eBay purchases.

    1. Contact PayPal and verify your account.

    2. Call us 602-903-1844 or Toll-Free 800-227-2643 to verify your funds were received.

    If you are funding PayPal with your banking savings or checking account, it is best to use the Instant Transfer feature which requires credit card source in addition to your savings and checking account number. It is our understanding if you are a buyer living in the United States or related territories you will need to verify your account.

    You can fund directly with your credit card, however, accepting credit cards through PayPal is solely at the discretion of the Boat Angel Outreach Center.

    You can log into PayPal with your username and password in the top right of the PayPal home page. After doing so, click the My PayPal button that appears in the top right. You can then easily click the 'Send Money' tab and then enter our PayPal e-mail address and full amount you were told by our representative.

    You can find a link to the Official PayPal page here:

    Our PayPal e-mail to send money to is:

    Please write your eBay Item Number in the 'Send Money' form's Message box and follow through PayPal's instructions. Read thoroughly before you hit Send Money.

  • eBay Winning Bidder Info Submission

    All form-fields are required.