A Note from Boat Angel Team Members:

Alaska has more coastline that nearly any other state in the Union excluding the coastline of Florida by a ratio of 4 to 1. Eight thousand miles in Florida, thirty-three thousand miles in Alaska.

From the southern border to the areas bordering the Arctic Circle you can find hundreds and hundreds of boats many of which have outlived their usefulness to their present owners. You can find old trawlers, tugs, fishing boats, canoes, sport-fishers, and even older military boats that have been converted to civilian use. One striking fact about Alaska is that there are not that many deep water ports or marinas. Fishing is a very popular occupation and vocation. Not only do many make their living as commercial fishermen but many also enjoy ocean fishing as Halibut, Salmon and many species of fish abound. What does the fisherman do who trades up to a new boat. Does he or she just leave the old boat in the water continuing to pay slip fees or do they try to sell the boat. As it is difficult for people to get around in the more remote areas selling becomes a great challenge.

Boat Angel specializes in taking unwanted private and commercial vessels getting them out of the name of the current owner getting the owner a tax donation receipt and helping them out by eliminating the need to keep insurance, and maintenance up on an item that is no longer desired.

If you have an old boat, car, truck, canoe, jet ski, tug, commercial fishing boat in Alaska and you are not using it consider using our EZ Process and donating to Boat Angel Outreach Center today.

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