A Note from Boat Angel Team Members:


It is suprising how many boats are packed in storage yards, marinas and backyards in Arizona. Arizona is a great area for boats from the lakes in the center of the state such as Roosevelt, Canyon, and Pleasant to the ever popular Lake Havasu and the boating along the Colorado River.

Oftentimes people find they are no longer using their boats and they want to get rid of them before the hot sun tears the upholstery beyond recognition. We at Boat Angel get calls frequently asking us about the donation process.

The main questions we are asked are:

  • Q. How long does it take to donate my boat?
    That answer is pretty simple once we get the information package retunred to us most boats are picked up within 12 days. The donor furnishes the information, Boat Angel processes vessel donation and transfer and the boat is picked up at the designed locations relayed to us by the owner.
  • Q. My boat is not working can I still donate it?
    We get that question a lot an engine won't start, the boat has not been used in a while, the batteries are dead maybe the trailer no longer works. Our answer is YES. The boat does not have to work. You just have to have ownership documents and an address the boat can be picked up at. We do not pickup boat hulls without engines and without trailers. The boat has to still have some value. If you are wondering about your boat and you are not sure whether or not it still has value, call us we can look up the value on the spot and let you know if it is suitable for our EZ PROCESS.
  • Q. Will I get a tax receipt for my donation?
    Our organization is a listed charity on the IRS charity website page. In some cases you can get a credit for the Fair Market Value, in other cases you may only qualify for the IRS minimum value, you can also qualify for the sale value of your boat. We can issue you a 1098-C Receipt for the value of your boat.

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