A Note from Boat Angel Team Members:

Your Arkansas Boat Donations WILL make a difference in the lives of At-Risk Youth throughout the world. Boat Angel Outreach Center has been using the proceeds from the sale of donated boat for years and year and creating and funding outreaches that help , the addicted, the forgotten and children throughout the world. Did you know that Boat Angel has distributed free of charge over five million children's movies that have been distributed in the USA and throughout the world?

People call us all the time wondering how they can help. Many people tell us. "Well my boat is forty years old and not running can you accept it?" Others ask us. "My boat is in a marina and I need it pulled out right away can you help me make a donation? Can you pick it up right away? Boat Angel is a responsive organization that will get your boat jetski, car truck or boat picked up quickly but keep in mind it is not an instant service. Boat Angel is not able to take a thirty foot sailboat from your boat slip with a non working engine and just make the boat go away. It is a process not a time consuming process but one nonetheless that involves the donor furnishing us with a copy of the title and information about the boat's condition.

Please call us toll-free to make a donation at 800-227-2643. We service the entire state of Arkansas. You can receive the full fair market value as a lawful IRS tax deduction for your boat according to IRS 1098c.

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