A Note from Boat Angel Team Members:

Boat Angel Outreach Center provides boat owners an simple process to allow you to donate nearly any boat, trailer, rv, jet ski or motorcycle. Your item does not have to run, does not need to be any certain length or model, it does not need to be any certain year or even currently be in use. Your boat can be donated with engine problems, outdrive problems and even deck and transom problems. You are not required to have a trailer or to bring the boat to any location. Your boat can be processed right from your backyard, garage, mechanic’s shop, marina slip, and even from an oceanside or vacation residence in your home state or another state.

Our EZ-process gives each donor a viable tax receipt (Form-1098C). Remember if you chose to make a donation your are not only helping us reach out and help others but your are also keeping neglected, abandoned boats from sinking and polluting into marinas, lakes, waterways and landfills. Your item can have a minimal value and still be donated. Boat Angel Outreach Center uses the proceeds from the sale of donated boats, cars, trailers and rvs and creates and maintain various programs that touch the hearts of children and teens throughout the world. When you fill out the donation information form at the bottom of this page, you will get our complete Boat Donation Jet Ski donation or RV questionnaire (depending on the item you select from the drop down) along with a copy the Adventures of Donkey Ollie our internationally broadcast award winning children’s program. Our EZ-process could not be simpler.

Perhaps someone in your family passed away and you think the vessel they left behind has no value because it has been sitting so many years either in your yard as an uncompleted project. Call us to find out if we can help you. When you make a donation you will need proof of ownership to allow us to transfer your vessel this can be; title, Coast Guard Documentation, Bill Of Sale, or registration, each state has different requirements for transfer ownership during the donation process, we have the experience to walk you through donating a boat that you inherited and even items that need the ownership process completed. Our charity representatives are here every day to answer your toll free calls 1-800-227-2643. We have been helping donors for nearly 10 years. Let us help you.

  • Fast, Friendly, and Professinoal. Boat Angel's professional charity staff have years of experience helping people get rid of boats that are sitting unused in marinas, storage yards, repairs shops, car ports and back yard. You may want to donate your boat for the IRS tax receipt. You may want to just get rid of it because it is an eyesore. It does not matter what your motivation is for making a donation of your boat. Boat Angel Donation Center can and will help. We have helped hundred from New England get rid of the vessels they were no longer using. Some were at marinas others were in back yards. Give us a call today nine to five we will help you.
  • Easy to Donate Your Boat or Jet Ski. With us you fill out a form snap a few photos and your work is done. We make it easy because we know the easier it is for the donor the more pleased they will be with the process. We do not have a minimum year requirement on the boats or size requirements. We can provide a receipt for a eight foot canoe or a 42 foot Power Cruiser. If you have a seperate trailer we can ;provide a seperate receipt for that. If you have a high dollar boat we can get you a receipt for the fair market value as it is listed on the IRS form 1098c. Join the thousands of happy donors who used the services of Boat Angel Outreach center to say good bye to their unused boats and jetskis.
  • Charitable Boat Donations a Breeze with Boat Angel. Not everything has to be hard. Moving a boat miles away to a donation processing center can be a challenge for anyone. Maybe your gas is old and needs to be removed, maybe your boat batteries have died or the rigging on your sailboat is rusted. Why bother going through a headwind when Boat Angel will make it easy. Online forms, paper forms, computer generated tax receipts. Join the modern world and let Boat Angel make it easy for you to get rid of your boat. Don't worry if it doesn't run.. Just give us the title info and location and nine times out of ten we will make it go away quickly and you will get a receipt for your troubles.

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