A Note from Boat Angel Team Members:

There's nothing fun about saying goodbye to your boat. It's like sending someone off to college or watching one of your children get married and move away. The staff at Boat Angel would like to make the process as easy as possible and help you donate and dispose of your boat in a way that creates virtually no difficulty for the donor. If you have misplaced your Delaware Registration Card we can email the application to get a new one. It's only eight dollars. If you have documented the boat with the USCG we can help fill out the Coast Guard 1360 Bill of Sale to transfer the boat. If you have a valuable boat worth over $5000 we can find an appraiser for you that will fill out the correct 8283 form you can submit with your tax return.

People wonder how Boat Angel can process so many boats, they want to know our secret but it really is not a secret. We care about our programs we care about the donors who fund those programs with their donations. When you start the easy process we will send you the questionaire both by email and by mail along with a convenient return envelope if the tires are flat on the trailer is the boat is in a lift or on jack stands, these photos will show that and eliminate repetitive questions.

The IRS issues for 1098C for boats, we'll send you the ez version of that form and if you need to make a correction and place the receipt in the names of two parties we can easily make those changes. If you have inherited the boat, contact us so we can help you transfer based on your executor power and a copy of a death certificate. If your boat is at a marina don't worry our process does not take that long. In addition you will not be responsible for the haul out fee or loading fee. If it is a sailboat you will not be responsible for the demasting fee either. We will find someone to do that. You can trust Boat Angel with your boat donation to charity. Give us a call today or fill out the convenient online form. Our EIN number is 42-1619552. Donations Made to Boat Angel Outreach Center are tax deductible.

  • Boat Angel Donation Center has the friendliest donation team in the USA. Our representatives are not just friendly but they are knowledgeable about every aspect of getting rid of your unwanted boat or getting the most our of your boat donation at tax time. We can help you look up the value recommend you to surveyors who will give you a timely correct assessment of your boat's current value. We can help you with USCG Documentation transfer and if you have lost your title or registration we can help you secure a duplicate so your boat can be transferred effortlessly. Face it there is nothing easy about getting rid of a large boat, an older boat, a non owrking boat. That is why a large percentage of boats you see in marinas and storage yards don't even work. How do you sell a boat when you are a private party without getting the boat into the water so it can be tested. Just to take a boat out of winterization costs hundreds of dollars, launching cost money, putting in fresh gas after a long period of non use costs money. It is expensive that is why people who are serious about getting rid of their boats turn to Boat Angel Donation Center. It doesn't have to work, you don't have to put it in the water. You can donate it as is where is with pretty much no fuss. True you will not be getting paid for your boat, you will get a tax receipt based either on the fair market value or the boat's selling price but neither will you have further charge or be forced to continue to store a boat you are not using. Let us take you through the process. Our operators are knowledgeable donation specialists call us 800-227-2643 we are standing by to answer any questions (8am to 5PM) Do you want to know the value of your boat? Do you want to keep storing it or do you want to say goodbye with as little drama as possible?

    Is your boat engine running rough. Do you need to bottom paint. Is it time again for another tuneup and changing the fule and filters. Don't bother. Donate the boat to Boat Angel and let someone else worry about that. Are you trading up to a new boat and getting nothing in trade for yours. Do something nice for chairty and get rid of your boat at the same time. The donation experts at Boat Angel have aided people like you as they have navigated throught the task of giving away their boats. Experience shows it is cheaper to donate than to let your boat just sit idle until it has no value left except to a scrapper. Disposing of abandoned boats is expensive..don't let you boat go to a landfill donate it. Call us donate it today.
  • If your boat is on a lift you can donate it, if it is in your backyard you can donate it, if it is in the marina slip you can donate it. You don't need to bring it to an auction yard or boat storage yard. We will get the materials to you the forms everything needed and your boat will be processed with only a small amount of effort on your behalf. Our process works for nearly all boat even if they have minimal value. It does not work for boats that have simply fallen apart. There are no recycle places that want old fiberglass. However, give us a chance to process your donation. If it has any value we will do our best to get it moved from where it is and transferred to someone who can fix it up and get it back in the water.
  • Why make it harder that it needs to be? Boat Angel is able to sell boat in all price categories we use the funding for our charitable programs. Without the revenue from boat donations we could not provide funding for our children's books DVD series or international training camps. Give us a call. 800-227-2643 Boat Angel Donation Specialists are standing by.

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