A Note from Boat Angel Team Members:

Not only are there lots of pine trees in Georgia there are lots of boats too - bass boats, ski boats, sailboats, jet boats and even some large fishing boats. Boating is a popular hobby in Georgia If you have come to that time in your life when you are no longer using your boat and do not plan on using it in the foreseeable future you can count on the Boat Angel Charity Team to answer your questions about the donation of your boat and to make sure you get the tax deduction you want.

We supply all the donors with the IRS form 1098C the official form for Vehicle and Vessel donations. All you will need to give us is the information on the form below plus answer some simple questions and provide a copy of a Georgia registration. (Boat does not have to run have trailer or be currently registered to donate.) When you fill in the form below we will send you a copy of a program that Boat Angel produces for children worldwide and a simple questionnaire and return envelope.

Our EZ process has been used by hundreds and hundreds of people from Lake Lanier down to Savannah. If you have some questions you want to ask before your request the donation package please feel free to call our eight hundred number 800 227 2643 we will do our best to make sure your donation is handled with kindness and expertise.

  • Fast, Friendly, and Professional. Whether in the city of Atlanta or by the Atlantic closer to Savannah, we'd be happy to accept your donation to help reach thousands through our wonderful life-changing programs and projects.
  • It's Easy to Donate Your Boat or Jet Ski to Charity. It's simple and easy! Whether a sailboat on a trailer or a ski boat we can pick it up from your house, a storage yard, or even in the slip at the marina. You'll get the full value of the charity selling price; in some cases you can request repairs that will increase the value of the donation at no cost to you.
  • Charitable Boat Donations a Breeze with Boat Angel. Donate to us today and you'll no longer have to look at that boat taking up space in your back yard or driveway or pay fees for an item you're not using. Find out why many people from Georgia have come to Boat Angel for help making their boat donations.

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