A Note from Boat Angel Team Members:

Everyday for the past ten years people have asked us one of two questions. “How quickly can you move my boat?” “Is my donation tax deductible.” When we are talking to people on the phone or through email, it becomes pretty clear which of these is the real priority. For most potential donors both questions are important.

All boat donations are tax deductible the value of the tax deduction depends on the value of the boat. The IRS even has a donation form just for Boats form 1098C. We have issued many of them. You can be assured when you chose to go with our team to donate your boat we will make sure you get the maximum value afforded to you by law. Now as far as removing the boat from your home or marina is concerned it all depends on the size and working condition of the boat. With Boat Angel your boat does not need to work, your boat does not need a trailer to be eligible for donation.

Most of the boats are moved within 14-18 days of us getting the information back. The good news is you don’t have to give test rides, put in gas, pay for an additional year registration or take your boat to a repair shop like you would have to do to sell it. We try to make the donation process easy for you. Fill out our EZ-donation form and give our process a change to work for you.

  • Fast, Friendly, and Professional. Boat Angel has a staff of friendly professionals standing by to answer any question you might have about the value of your boat or how such things as boat moving and transfers are handled. The donation experts at Boat Angel have helped thousands of people navigate through the IRS process and enabled them to disposed of used vessel and jetskis that have been sitting in some cases for years deteriorating. You will get the the right answers and polite service when you contact us. We guarantee that.
  • Easy to Donate Your Boat or Jet Ski. Many boat donors worry that because their engine is seized the trailer tires is flat the sailboat diesel or rudder no longer works that their item has no value and cannot be processed. This is not the case with the donation process at Boat Angel. We have processed hundreds and hundreds of boat that had non working engines. We have processed bass boats, ski boats that sat on trailer that needed new tires, grease and general over hauls. Give us the opportunity to help you unload your vessel and get you a receipt for you tax filing in the process.
  • Charitable Boat Donations a Breeze with Boat Angel. Why make things harder than they need to be. When you donate to Boat Angel we are able to fund our many charitable programs. We help with operations on a hospital ship, provide books and teaching materials to children internationally and produce movies right in the USA that steer teenagers in the right direction. We guarantee smooth sailing when you let Boat Angel process your donation.

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