A Note from Boat Angel Team Members:

More water surrounds the state of Hawaii than any other state in the Union. Hawaii is an area of immense beauty where boating has become a very popular hobby. Some people have large catamarans and go island hopping, others have smaller fishing boats and do not venture too far from shore. No matter how people choose to use their boats there is always to a decision to be made about what to do when the boat is no longer of use. What about the boat that has the engine problems beyond the reach of the owner or the owner who has no use for his boat in the marina racking up storage bills month after month. What do you do then, you can’t just take it out in the ocean and sink it and you sure can’t just leave it to rot and decay away. Some people opt to sell their boats while others are too busy and learn about our EZ donation process. Right from your house you can have your boat donated. It takes practically no work or effort at all. Fill out an online form. Take a photo copy of your title. Use our self-addressed enclosed camera and just like that Boat Angel can help find your boat a new home.

Why not try our EZ process today? Whether in Honolulu or Maui our process will work for you. Why donate? Every donation helps Boat Angel fund their many children’s programs and projects. The revenue from the sale of your donation helps us help others and you will get a tax receipt for your donation as well. Fill out the form below no matter where you are in Hawaii. We can help you!

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