A Note from Boat Angel Team Members:

Indiana boat donations are easy with our EZ PROCESS. Nearly the entire state of Indiana is surrounded by water. The Great Lake Michigan to the North and the Mighty Ohio River to the south. Although Indiana is best known for their steel industry, Indianapolis 500, the Hoosiers, Colts and Pacers it is also a state where a lot of people enjoy boating. Normally this is a good thing with fresh water abounding all makes and models of boats abound as well. The boating season runs from Late April to October with some early winter weather coming on Lake Michigan and people rushing to get their boats out before the big freezes. But what do people do with their boats when they have out-drive problems, transom problems, engine problems or just get tired of using them? Most people in those circumstances do not want to continue to pay for storage fees or even keep their boats.

Lots of people just park their boats on the trailer in the side yard and cover it with a tarp and give it no thought. A year or two of that is not a problem but if the boat engine is not properly winterized it can crack the block and render the boat useless. What do you do then? Well you can try and sell it or you can donate it and let a charity sell it and get a tax write-off.

What are the benefits of donating? Well first you have no repair bills the boat can be donated As-Is. No repairs are needed. Secondly you don't have to spend time at home running ads or showing the boat; you can donate it and the charity will do the work. We will mail you the questionnaire, camera, and return envelopes. You can help us help others with your donations of boats, cars, motorcycles and trucks in Indiana.

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