A Note from Boat Angel Team Members:

Perhaps you have a boat you are not using in Iowa. If you are tired of your boat sitting around gathering dust or incurring storage fees please consider using our EZ Process and making a donation to Boat Angel Outreach Center we are a non-profit boat donation program that currently runs outreach ministries in the USA; Bangalore, India; Peru, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and multiple other locations. Those who work for and with Boat Angel share the word of God, through well oriented Bible study programs, soccer champ outreaches and bible story Sunday school materials written in the form of Donkey Ollie and Ten Commandments. Donkey Ollie and the Lord’s Prayer, Donkey Ollie and the Miracles of Jesus, and our newest Christmas in Heaven Story. We also do consistent holiday outreaches to adults with out CD series Northern Light Orchestra and our holiday broadcast special- Spirit of Christmas.

Most of our Sunday school materials are created in house at Boat Angel Outreach Center alongside Aberle Films and they are then translated and printed by Boat Angel Outreach Center of Addis Ababa and provided free of charge to children’s homes and youth prisons throughout the United States. We have just made an agreement for IRIS ministries in Mozambique to freely translate our materials and use them in their mission schools. This is one of the first other countries we have added we want to expand our Sunday school translation programs worldwide. When you donate your boat, car, truck, jet ski, recreational vehicle, real estate you enable us to do Book printings, mass distributions throughout the USA and fund our outreaches It can be an older non working boat. It can have a older trailer maybe even with flat tires, it can be in a locked and fenced storage yard or be located on blocks in a marina. The Gulf Coast is known as the land of boats from Shrimpers to daysailers there are lots of boats. It can be a fiberglass boat behind your house or an older wooden cruiser sitting on an old trailer. We process donations from one end of the state to the other.

Don’t worry about how your boat or jet ski will get moved. Just fill out our EZ process questionnaire below. Or call us for more info 800 227 2643. Once you get our questionnaire fill out our information your address, city state and zip and then the Year, Make, Model, working condition of your donation and send it back in. Our EZ process eliminates your need to move, repair and do anything. We even send you a prepaid camera with a prepaid return envelope to make it convenient for you to get us pictures of your boat. Or you can email them with your mobile phone. Thanks for helping…

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