A Note from Boat Angel Team Members:

There is nothing like driving through Kansas and experiencing the endless farms, rolling hills, and the wonderful summer weather. When you travel throughKansas whether you are in Wichita, Lawrence or by the great Kansas City you will see lots of recreational areas where local citizens fish, ski and celebrate other water sports.

What happens to the boats left alongside the Arkansas River or left to rot in people's yards how do you get rid of a boat or jetski that still has value when you are too busy with your job to want to run adds and sell it.

Many people turn to boat donations. They call Boat Angel give us their address and we send them free of charge a Boat Donation Package. Our EZ process makes donating a boat as easy as cruising over wake free water.

  • There is nothing about donating a boat to boat angel that our simple process can accomplish.

    1. You tell us the year, make, and model.

    2. You tell us the running condition of the boat and/or trailer.

    3. You tell us the pickup location.

    4. We furnish you with a camera and you send it back full of photos. We develop them!

    5. You sign the donation form and mail it back along with a copy of the title or registration.

  • When we get your info back we will process the donation. If it is a running boat in good condition you can receive a Fair Market Value tax receipt (1098c box 5C). If the boat is in rough shape you can qualify for the IRS minimum write-off.
  • Please call us toll-free to make a donation at 800-227-2643. We service the entire state of Kansas.

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