A Note from Boat Angel Team Members:

You look in your garage everyday and wonder when are we getting rid of this boat we no longer use. You drive by your marina and see you boat sitting in the water neglected and wonder - Do I really have to go through the hassle of selling this? Will it even work; it has been 2 years since I took it out on the water. Thousands of people just like you have called the Boat Angel office asking, “How quickly can you move my boat? I need to use my garage. I am moving out of state. My engine isn’t starting anymore” Or sometimes they ask. “What the value of my tax deductible receipt be?” When we are talking to people on the phone or through email, it becomes pretty clear that once people make up their minds to donate they want their boats moved quickly. People want to get a tax receipt for the highest value they can. Boat owners are often in a rush to get rid of their boat and move on with their lives.

Well the good news is - boat donations jet skis trailers are all tax deductible when given to a public charity. The value of the tax deduction in many cases depends on the current value of the boat . The more your boat is worth, the better condition the higher the tax deductable receipt as it will either reflect the selling price or the fair market value of your item (IRS FORM 1098C supplied by charity). You can be assured when you chose Boat Angel and give us your boat we will make sure you get the value afforded to you by law.

How fast is the process? Is it like making a car donation? Boat donations are handled nearly the same as car donations they even share the same special tax form.(1098C) Unfortunately, because boats vary so much in size and most bigger boats don’t have trailers the average time for donating a boat does take longer than the average time for donating a car. Boat Angel deals with boat up to sixty feet long and has processed small personal vessels as well. With Boat Angel your boat does not need to work, your boat does not even need a trailer to be eligible for donation. You don’t need to move your boat anywhere Most of the boats we process are moved within weeks of our charity getting your donation form and copy of your title. There is no cost to the boat donation to use our process. If you have questions please call us at our 800 number 227 2643. Fill out our EZ-donation printable online form and give us the chance to help you. Please consider letting Boat Angel Outreach Center sell your boat donation and use the proceeds to help children around the world.

  • Fast, Friendly, Professional Service. We have been thanked hundreds of times by donors young and old who have been thankful we processed a boat they had been trying to get rid of for year. Why did they thank us? Wasn't our charity benefiting from the generous donation? Donors thanked us because we made it simple for them to get rid of something they had been unable to sell or could not afford to upkeep anymore. We do not mind if both your gas powered engines needto be rebuilt. If your boat is not junk or scrap we will process it whether it is worth ten dollars or thousands of dollars. It is the Can Do Spirit at Boat Angel that sets us about the rest. Have you ever tried to give something to a charity and felt like you were not appreciated. That won't happen at Boat Angel. We appreciate each and every gift and because we operate internationally even a boat with a limited value when sold goes a long way towards helping others.

    Need help finding out the value? Call us. Wonder what to do about your expired Coast Guard registration your old lien? Call us we have helped thousands of others and we will help you.

    When you need the right answers, the right attitude and the right value for your tax receipt, Boat Angel Donation Center is there for you.
  • It is Easy to Donate a Boat or Jet Ski With Our Process. Is your jet ski or sailboat on and older with non working lights or even a flat tire? Do you have a large houseboat sitting in a marina slip with a non working engine that you inherited and you have not done the title exchange? Did you just close on your parents house or your vacation property and the new owners want your boat out of there ASAP? Is the bilge full of water, tank full of old gas and you wonder what kind of value is left? Has your boat become the eyesore of the neighborhood or is the unending slip payment destroying your peace of mind. These are the questions we address over the phone daily. Let us ease your mind give us a call and give us a change to make short work of your boat donation. Can you fill out an online form or send back in the return envelope a camera. Our process is so easy anyone can do it. We can furnish names of appraisers if you boat is worth more than five thousand and you need THE IRS form 8283. Give the friendly people at Boat Angel the opportunity to help you. We have been recommended by marinas, storage yards, auction houses, schools and churches. No other charities has processed the number of boats that we have. No other charity treats people as kind as we. Let Boat Angel help give us a call today..
  • Charitable Boat Donations a Breeze with Boat Angel. We have all seen the pictures after a hurricane - boats tossed up on the beach sunk on moorings crashed into other boats. Some donors have been there. We have processed boat that had sunk at sea, we have processed boats with missing outdrives, sails and without seats. We have learned if you are a charity that you cannot be picky with the donations. We have learned to be grateful and do the best with each donation. If you have an unwanted boat let us help you. Let us make the process a breeze for you.

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