A Note from Boat Angel Team Members:

Much of the State of Massachusetts borders the Atlantic Ocean so it is natural that there would be lots of fishing boats, sailboats, sport fishers and center console boats as well as personal watercraft such as Hobie Cats and jet skis. What do people do with their watercraft when they no longer have use for them. In many of the marinas bordering the Boston Harbor along Cape Cod and in the name seaside villages you can see evidence and the remains of abandoned boats. A single abandoned boat for instance - an old wood boat may add some beauty or charm to a beach or a sand dune resembling a photo of good times gone but in abundant quantities they can easily be perceived as an eyesore as fiberglass tends to disintegrate when left exposed to UV rays and salt water.

The main questions we are asked are:

  • Q. How do you get rid of a boat you no longer want?

    You can either sell it yourself through local want adds post the sign in your yard or at your marina or you can donate the boat to Boat Angel and receive a tax receipt for the boat donation value.
  • Q. What is the advantage of donating a boat or watercraft?

    In most cases it is a simple way to handle it, you wil lnto have to do sea trials testing, once we get the package back with the information we need. We will cover the transfer and you are pretty much removed from the transfer process except when the new owner comes to pickup the boat and you give them the keys.
  • Q. Why should I go with Boat Angel?

    We are not the only charity that processes boats. Many charities can process your boat, most only do so for later model boats or boats on trailers, with our EZ process we are able to extend the process to nearly all boat owners. If your boat has value normally we can accept it as a donation and the transfer donation will be processed.
  • Q. What if my boat is worth over $5000 dollars, Will I get the Fair Market Value as my donation?

    If you boat is valued over $5000 a surveyor will fill out form 8283 and you will get the value on that form. .Boat Angel will sign the bottom and issue you a 1098c For Fair Market value.
  • Q. What if my boat is not worth that much? What if it's broken and does not work?

    That is the case with many boats. The 1098c Boat and Car Donation form allows you to claim up to $500 for a boat and $500 for a trailer. Any boat that sell for under $500 is given a receipt with the standard phrase.. "Donor may not claim more than $500 as a tax deduction."
  • Q. How long will your process take, I'm in a hurry!

    Normally if you return your paperwork to us right away and the title HIN is clear the soonest will be two to three weeks from when we get the paperwork back. However, the state of Massachusetts requires us to perform an extra step of transferring ownership which takes an additional two to three weeks. Please remember with our process we will send you the package and you return it to us in a prepaid envelope.

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