A Timely Reminder From the Top Boat Donation Specialists:

Tired of not using your boat and paying slip fees, tired of thye high cost of boat repair and maintenance, tired of looking at the boat gathering dust in your garage on a trailer that no longer even work. Is your wife telling you to get the boat out of your backyard or to save a bit of money by pulling it from the marina where it is no longer being used? Does the thought putting energy into fixing your boat leave you feeling a bit clammy? There is a lot to do when you sell a boat and demonstrate it to people responding to your want adds. If you are not a born salesman you probably don’t want to sell your own boat. Who wants to launch a boat just for a short ride around the lake? Most of us are either busy or have better things to do with our spare time. There are frequently asked questions you do want to know, questions that every boat owner thinking about getting rid of his used boat wants to know. “Can my boat be moved quickly?” “Is Does it the boat qualify for tax deduction does my trailer qualify for a tax deduction.”

The specialists at Boat Angel talk to boat owners every day, many are looking to move on to a new chapter in their lives, their kids have grown up gone to college or just plain left home. Some have moved to a house that is no longer close to the lake. Their future plans have one thing in common. They don’t want to own their current boat any longer. Most people that want to upgrade or downsize know it is way easier to buy a new or used boat without trying to make a deal on their trade in. Some people are tired of waiting for their broker to find the right buyer giving them excuses year after year and they are even more tired of the continued expenses of boat ownership.

When you chose to go with our team (Boat Angel Outreach Center) we want you to know we are IRS approved to take your donation get you the right tax receipt. This is something we deal with every week. With Boat Angel’s two-step EZ process your boat does not need to work, your boat does not need a trailer; your boat can be miles away at a summer cabin or even be on jack stands in your backyard. Our process comes to you. If you can fill out a form, take a few pictures and find your title or registration your boat qualifies for our process. Most of the time the jet ski’s sail boats and fishing boats are totally processed within a few weeks. People refer us all the time because we did such a good job helping them out. When we get your information, we go to work- instantly. We get someone to pickup your boat and we get you your tax receipt right away. Don’t just take our word for it. Take the word of the thousands we have helped before you. Fill out our EZ form and let us help you donate your boat to charity. If you think your boat is junk or salvage, please call us before you request a package. Boat Angel does not recycle boat parts we process entire boats and trailers. 800 227 2643 is our toll free number.

  • A Smile Everytime You Donate. Across the United States at marina's storage yards, auction houses, charity office are professionals who have complimented Boat Angel for our fast and reliable service. We have helped boat owners young and old, apply for titles, obtain appraisals get trailer's removed and helped them determine the market value of their item whether it was a small two-seat jet ski or a large cabin cruiser. Every time someone calls Boat Angel they will get a reliable operator who not only knows the donation process but truly cares about the donation experience.

    It is not unusual for people to donate boats after long period of storage. This is not an easy thing. Batteries go dead, the gasoline turns into varnish, if the boat is in the water, sometimes the bottoms are covered with seaweed and barnacles - this can make getting the boat moved a big challenge. We can help as we have helped thousands of others. Don't worry about how much value your boat has. You can donate it even if the condition has deteriorated and it needs both a cosmetic and mechanical overhaul. If your boat has a clear title, no liens, if it is still floating or on a trailer we usually can help get it moved and get you a receipt for the effort. When you call a charity to donate anything you are looking for the right answers the first time. You are looking for appreciation and kindness.

    The friendly staff at Boat Angel Donation Center is here for you. You can say goodbye to your boat without the unneeded drama of trying to sell something that is no longer working or in tip-top condition.
  • Our Three-Step Process is Streamlined To Make It Easy. Can you provide us with a copy of your registration or title, can you provide us with the pickup location Can you tell us when t he boat was last used in the water. Do you know if it was winterized before the winter season. Do you know the year, model and make. Most of the questions we will ask you will be quite family to you. Let us help. Start our streamlined process to day. Fill out the form and request a package. If you can read through it and send us back the small amount of information we need you will be saying goodbye to your boat before you know it. Each month we get calls from people who have sold their homes, people who have experienced an unexpected expense, people who are moving and can't take a boat with them, people who have picked up a new hobby or watched their children go off to college. There are too many reasons to list but no matter what your reason we will help. Sometimes the boat is in nice condition but the out-drive or outboard does not work. Sometimes the upholstery has weathered away, it is not unusual for boat to develop soft floor from exposure to the elements whether fresh or salt water. If your boat has taken on water. We advise you to turn on the bilge pumps and drain the water prior to the boat being picked up. Lots of new boat dealers do not want old trade ins. Donating a boat to charity is an easy way to get rid of something you no longer want. If you are finished with your life jackets, ropes, swim ladders you can have those donated as well.

    Just give us a call 800 227 2643 we will help you.
  • Charitable Donations a Breeze with Boat Angel. Getting rid of mechanical items is never easy. Old refrigerators are heavy as are washers and drying. Loading up an old boat or repairing one to list and sell can be expensive and time consuming... Boat Angel does not require you to move anything just take pictures of it on the camera we provide, fill out the questionnaire send it back with our self addressed stamped envelope.You can donate your boat right where it is with a short walk back and forth to your mailbox. If your boat is non running with outdrive or battery issues at an marina we can help you as well. We do our best to keep the storms away from our boat donors, make every donation a breeze with Boat Angel We will help navigate you through the process.

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