A Note from Boat Angel Team Members:

Boat Angel Outreach Center processes donation boats throughout the Gulf Coast. In addition to Natchez we process boat located in Gulfport, Jackson and throughout the state. Some of the boats we have processed have been damaged in storms. Some of the boat have experienced engine, transom problems and are donated simply because the donor is not willing to continually upgrade or repair the boat. Many donors find it easier to purchase a new used boat and do not want to take the time and trouble to sell their boat especially in circumstances where the boat no longer works.

Why donate to Boat Angel? Boat Angel has an EZ-PROCESS that works well in every situation. The process comes to you, to your home or business. You do not need to move the boat from the marina, storage yard or backyard. Once the process is completed someone will come and pickup the boat.

  • We are asked frequently - Are there boats that do not qualify for donation? The answer is quite logical. Boat Angel cannot help you if you boat is junk or scrap. If the boat hull has been crushed by a tree, if the boat is underwater, If everything from seats, outdrives, rigging engines has been stripped leaving just a hollow fiberglass hull, it is likely that item should either be cut up or disposed of in your local landfill.
  • We do take boats with broken engines. We do process donation where trailers need new tires and sailboats need new sails we are just unable to haul away boats that have no value. We also accept vehicles, trucks and real estate.
  • When you donate to Boat Angel we will use the funds to continue to produce and distribute our many children's programs helping people discover the Gospel. Currently our outreach programs impact the lives of children and teens in the USA, Ethiopia, Peru, Mozambique, India, Australian and Korea. Thank you for filling our the form below.

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