A Note from Boat Angel Team Members:

Missouri not only has the beautiful Mississippi river but they have wonderful lakes around Branson, Ozarks as well as a thriving entertainment and tourism industry. Ranging from St Louis all across the state to Kansas and Oklahoma.

It is not surprising that people in Missouri spend lots of their free and leisure time on the water whether it is on jet skis sailboats,or pontoon boats and quiet a few people do bass fishing as well. . When you travel through the state either on Interstate 40 or any of the many other state routes even the North South route on the I 55 you see lots of boats sitting unused in marinas some are on trailers others are in boat sheds stored high and dry. It is evident to the viewer that many of these boats have not been in the water for years. . Some people decide to sell their boats place want adds take photos post their phone number and answer calls spending lots of time having people come over to look over and test out their boats. But there are many other people who do not want to spend the time and energy selling it but still want to get rid of it. Those people often turn to Boat Angel Outreach Center our proven EZ process lets you donate you old used boat and used boat trailer with minimum effort. Working or not working trailer no trailer, engine or no engine call us today Boat Angel can handle your donation and get you a tax receipt for the sales or Fair Market Value. The only thing we don't handle is worthles scrap boats basically dilapidated boat hulls. (Call us if you think your boat is only a pile of scrap- we can usually tell you from a photo and give you tips for getting rid of it.1 800 227 2643)

  • 1. Fill out the form below with your name, address, phone, and e-mail
  • 2. When the donation package comes, just fill that out and return it in the prepaid envelope.
  • 3. To make it easier we will enclose a twenty seven shot Kodak camera with an easy to use flash and a USPS return envelope. use that to take current photos and return it in the prepaid envelope.
  • 4. Please note unless boats are normally registered or titled, a copy of either your boat title or boat registration will be helpful and that will make it possible to transfer the boat.

    Thanks for helping Boat Angel with your Boat Donations.

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