A Note from Boat Angel Team Members:

Thanks for visiting our Boat, Car, Motorcycle, RV and Real Estate donation page in Montana. Montana is the land of blue skies and hardworking people whether in Helena or Missoula people work hard all year round. Some people end up with used cars, boats, motorcycles, pickup trucks, vans they don’t want, but they also don’t want to have to fix and get ready to sell. That is where the services of Boat Angel come in handy!

You can donate what you don’t want; working or not cars, boats rv's motorcycles, all you need is an address where they can be picked up and a copy of the registration or title. You don’t have to fix anything; You don't even have to wash them off (but it doesn't hurt!) just donate them right where they are.

What do I get if I donate? Well you will get a tax deduction receipt, and your item will be picked up without you have to drop it off anywhere.

What does the charity do with my donation? We sell them the funds are used for our many children programs and projects .

If my item worth donating? If it is not junk or salvage; if you have a title or registration then most items still have value. Questions? Call us 800-227 2643 if you are ready to donate you can fill out the form below and we'll send the information for completing the donation right to your house with our EZ Process everything is prepaid!

Thanks for Helping our Organization make a different all over the world.

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