A Note from Boat Angel Team Members:

Nebraska has quite a few nice lakes for boating such as Lake Minatari, Bowman, and Johnson lake to name a few. You will find lakes suitable for fishing and boating throughout the state. There are also quite a few rivers: Elkhorn, Lazy Nebraska where people use boats as well. This all adds up to a rather large portion of Nebraska residents being recreational boaters.

Boat Angel Donation Center has served the needs of boat donors throughout the USA for many years. If you have an older boat you do not want to spend the time and energy to sell, you don't want to fix it up, or you just want to gone from your garage, storage yard or backyard please use our EZ process. What does it entail? You request a questionnaire (Form below), you open the prepaid package and take about 20 photos of the boat with our prepaid Kodak camera and send it back with a copy of your registration and our form. If you have questions about the value for your tax receipt please call us we can help you determine the FMV (fair market value) of your boat, truck, trailer, rv or motorcycle.

Why donate? Your donation helps fund our children's programs. Your donated boat will be gone from your garage or yard and you will get a tax receipt as well.

Just fill out the form below to request a prepaid donation package. Questions? Please call us.

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