A Note from Boat Angel Team Members:

New Hampshire is not generally noted as a boating state as only small section of New Hampshire lies along the Atlantic Coast. However there are some really large lakes where boating is quite popular namely Lake Winnipesaukee as well as small lakes like Lake Squam and Lake Sunapee. New Hampshire is know to be an outdoor paradise and a great state for recreation and although boating is not as popular as sports such as skiing there are many boaters in New Hampshire.

Boat Angel Outreach Center receives phone calls all the time from people on the East Coast who are no longer using their boats and consequently they are no longer wanting to pay the ongoing boat storage bills. Harbour Place s and Esther's Marina are some of the places in Portsmouth that boat owners keep their boats along the Atlantic Coast but it is a known fact that many of those boats sit for year after year getting no use at all .This is not just expensive but wasteful as well. A neglected boat oftentimes develops engine problems, upholstery mold problems and can even be in danger of taking on water if the batteries go dead rendering the automatic pumps useless. If a sailboat is left unattended the stanchions can develop problems as well as keel bolts getting loose and softening of the deck through moisture. Why wait until the boat loses its value and develops further problems.

If you have an older boat that is not being used please consider making a donation. We will process you boat nearly free of hassle. The package with the information will be mailed to your residence and you will need to get us a copy of your boat registration and fill out some very basic information about your boat. We call it the EZ PROCESS. Please call us 800 227 2643 to find out more or fill out our easy to use online donation form listed below. Please note the proceeds from the donated boats, trucks, jet skis, rvs, yachts, motorcycles, recreational vehicles all go to fund the many programs sponsored by Boat Angel Outreach Center. When you request a donation package we will send you a copy of some of our children's programs.


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