A Note from Boat Angel Team Members:

As time goes on boat owners are relying on Boat Donation charities more and more to dispose of their unwanted boats, cars, motorcycles and rvs. New Mexico is dotted with many smaller lakes that are popular spots for water skiing and fishing. New Mexico does not have any of the large bodies of water found in it's neighbor to the south and east Texas but there are a large number of people throughout the state who currently own boats. New Mexico is actually one of the least densely populated states in the union. That fact has led to lots and lots of boats being abandoned in yards, ranches, homes and storage units.

Why abandon your old boat just because it no longer works? Why leave it sitting about to rot and decay because you don't want to fix the engine or outdrive or you have lost your interest in fishing? Why not make a donation to Boat Angel Outreach Center instead? Our EZ donation process will get you a tax receipt (instead of a storage bill) and most of the boats find new home within 2 weeks of the process being completed.

Just click on the form below. Our IRS registration number is included for your tax receipt and you can request a package to be sent to you by USPS. If you just have questions and need answers before proceeding call us and we'll answer them quickly. Thanks for helping our charity with your donated car, boat, rv, trailer or truck in New Mexico.

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