A Note from Boat Angel Team Members:

Boat Angel Outreach Center gives owners of boats, jet ski’s trailer, and cars the opportunity to o donate nearly every kind of Sportfish boat, ski boat, sailing vessel, motorcycle or vehicle whether it is upstate in Rochester, Albany Buffalo or at the farther tip of Long Island. Your item does not have to run, it can still be winterized, your boat can be on jack stands in your yard or stacked high and dry in a marina. We are not looking for donations of any particular brand, it can be a Sea Ray, a Bayliner or an older Egg Harbor, Trojan and even a Gibson houseboat. Your jet ski can be a late model Yamaha or an older Kawasaki or Polaris. If it runs an is mechanically sound that is great but if it does not run you can still donate it and it will help you get rid of something you don’t want and it will help us fund our programs. You are not required to have a working trailer if your trailer needs light or tires you can still donate it. Boat Angel will not make you transport the boat to any charity auctionlocation. We process your donation right from your backyard, garage, mechanic’s shop, marina slip, and even from an oceanside or vacation residence in your home state or another state.

Our EZ-process keeps the charity expenses down and gives each donor a viable tax receipt for the true current value of the boat ( Form-1098C). We understand you are looking for information. We know you are curious about the time it will take and the effort it will take. Our process takes but a small amount of work by the donor and most boat are processed and moved very quickly. If you can call us with your questions and you chose to make a donation you are also keeping older neglected, abandoned boats from sinking and polluting into oceans,marinas, lakes, waterways and landfills.

  • Please note boat do not have many parts that can be recycled. Most boats are made of fiberglass which has not recycle value. Your entire boat will be processed no one will just come out and remove your engine or sails. If your item just has low value we can process it. If you have a question about your ownership documents, maybe your have not registered it in years, maybe you have misplaced the title or registration or your USCG documentation has expired Boat Angel can help you sort through those situation. We have helped thousands donate boats, automobile, boat trailers and even motorcycles. The funding it has provided us with has helped us maintain and create various children and teen programs that have reached around the world.
  • Would you like to learn more, are you serious about finally getting rid of that boat you are using – then complete the Boat Donation, Jet Ski donation or RV questionnaire below the item will will mail you by Priority mail a copy of Donkey Ollie our worldwide broadcast award winning children’s program. Perhaps someone in your family passed away and you are handling their estate. Call us we can help you. Maybe your son or daughter left for college or the army and you think the vessel they left behind has no value because it has been sitting as an uncompleted project or just plain not working. Call us to find out if we can help you. Do you have proof of your ownership to aid us in transferring your vessel either a state issued title, a federally issued Coast Guard Documentation, possibly a notarized Bill Of Sale, or even an older boat registration, we have the experience to walk you through donating a boat that you either own out rightly or perhaps recently inherited. We can help with even if the ownership process still needs to be completed. Our friendly charity representatives are here every day to answer calls 1-602 903 1844. We have been helping donors for nearly 10 years. Let us help you.
  • Fast, Friendly, and Professional. We have been told by many donors that not only are we able to answer multiple questions about the donation process but that we are both conscientious and friendly. We can help you determine the correct boat value, line you up with an IRS certified appraiser, and fill out forms such as the 8283 and USCG 1340 to make your boat go away forever. We can help you apply for a missing title, or secure a lien release for a boat you are wanting to get rid of.
  • When You Need the Right Answers the First Time, Count On Us to Help You. Not only can we help you with all the aspects of donating a boat but we will do so with a smile and a kind word. We know getting rid of an older boat working or not is not an easy process. We know people areattached to their boats and whether or not they are currently working there are details that have to be worked out with the title exchanges and the boat moving.
  • It is Easy to Donate a Boat or Jet Ski With Our Process. Is your boat sitting on a trailer with a flat tire, is it a large boat sitting in a marina slip with a non working engine? Did you just sell your house and you need it moved quickly? Do you wonder if it is too old to donate? These are many of the concerns we address daily. The process at Boat Angel has bee honed to perfection. Trust us to navigate you through these and other questions. For most donors the process is as simple as filling out a form and taking current pictures. We even furnish the camera and return envelop. Give the friendly staff at Boat Angel the opportunity to help you. We come highly recommended by many marinas, other charities as the place to call when you need to get rid of your boat. No matter the value, Boat Angel will help.

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