A Note from Boat Angel Team Members:

Of all the questions people have when they consider making a boat donation perhaps the most frequent question we hear is - “How quickly can my boat be moved?" That is a question we hear daily and we realize it must be very important. There are other bits and pieces of information that people want to know. After all boats are not small items. It is not like changing out a couch or even appliances We have people calling about boats that are nearly 50 feet long and people calling about boats that are only 12 feet long. How fast they will be moved is a concern.

Much of North Carolina lies on the Atlantic Coast. There are harbors and storage yards not only dotting the coast but also in the many lakes and rivers the state is famous for. Another question we hear“Is my donation tax deductible.” We provide a link on our homepage right to the IRS website to show our charity status so you can have confidence when you donate to us. If you have questions that aren't answered here on this webpage please call us 800 227 2643 let us answer those things that concern you and your boat.

When we get to speak people on the phone or through email we get a chance to answer the questions you find to be the most important for your situation. But here are a few of the most common ones we are asked:

  • Is my boat donation tax deductible?

    Yes all boat donations are tax deductible when given to a qualifying organization. Boat Angel is a qualifying organization, the value of the tax deduction depends on the value of the boat. The IRS form is for Boats, Car Airplanes and is called 1098C. We have issued many of them.

    You can be assured when you chose to go with Boat Angel's EZ one step process and make a commitment to donate your boat we will make sure you get the proper receipt.

  • How does donating a boat help a charity? Do you use the boat in your charity work?

    Boat Angel Outreach Center sells the boats, trailers, jet ski's and cars that are donated. Once the items are sold. The donor gets a tax receipt for the value of the donation or the donation sale amount and the charity uses the proceeds for the many children programs we sponsor. When you request a donation package and form from Boat Angel we will mail you one of our children's programs so you can see firsthand the projects we create and sponsor.

  • Does the boat need to work?

    The simple answer is no, your boat does not need to work, your boat does not need a working trailer Most of the boats are moved within two weeks of us getting the information back.

    No engine tests, no new gas no repairs or new registration is needed. Fill out our EZ-donation form and give our process a chance to work for you.

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