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Ohio is surrounded by water, Lake Erie borders the state to the north and the Ohio river forms most of the southern border.. It goes without saying there are many recreational boat owners throughout Ohio that have owned boat and jet skis for years but no longer have any use for them. Are you tired of your boat collecting dust in your garage or maybe the tires on the trailer are rotting away. Or is your boat sitting in your backyard under a tree or on the hard at a marina? If you are not using your boat you don’t want to take the time and energy to fix it. If you are not a boat repairman or a boat dealer like most folks you probably don’t want to try to sell your own boat especially if it is not in the water where someone can test it out easily.

If you call us we can tell you about the tax deduction status of your boat based on the year, make, model and condition. We talk to thousands of boat owners many are looking to unburden themselves from boat ownership expenses. Some of our donors have decided to move to a bigger boat because their families are growing or are downsizing to smaller vessel to save on fuel costs.

We know throughout Ohio that people are no longer using a great majority of boats. If you are in that category and want an easy way to get rid of your boat, and help a charity call Boat Angel. You can be assured when you choose to go with our team and donate your boat we will handle the problems and situations that go along with getting a boat transferred. We will make sure you get the value due to you by law. With our process the boat does not need to work you will need your Ohio title. Your boat does not need a trailer, your boat can be miles away from a major city or even be in a slip in your backyard. Our process comes to you. You don’t have to bring your boat anywhere. Nearly all the time, the jet ski’s, sail boats and fishing boats are moved right from where they are sitting. When we get your information, we go to work getting someone to pick up your boat and getting you your tax receipt. Fill out our EZ form you find below and let us help you get rid of the boat you are no longer using.

  • Fast, Friendly Service Top Nationwide. Boat Angel has a staff of the friendly operators and knowledgeable donation specialists standing by to answer any questions you might have about the value of your boat or how to get rid of it quickly. Are you tired of storing a boat that you are no longer using? Have you thrown your hands up in the air and given up on ever getting your boat back in the water, dealing with the upholstery, the soft floor, the outdrive that won't go into gear. The engine that seemed to drink oil is is driving you crazy.? The donation experts at Boat Angel have helped thousands of people navigate throught the complex process of giving away their boat. Experience shows it is cheaper to donate. The State of California spends an average of $1700 per boat to crush and dispose of an older boat and nearly all landfills charge per ton for fiber glass disposal. Your boat can be worth 10-1000 dollars Boat Angel will still do it's best to process it. We will help you every step of the way. Do the right thing, don't let your boat rot away, donate it.
  • Ski Boat, Bass Boat, Sportfish Boat, Sailboat, Dingy, Tender, Catamaran, Jet Ski. If it floats if it is in the water whether it has sails a diesel engine, gas engine, inboard engine, outboard engine or an inboard with an outdrive we can process your boat right where it is now. If it is on the lift in your backyard or high and dry stacked three high in a local marina if there is access to your boat we will process it. If is is blocked in for Winter we will process it in the Spring, don't spend another day wondering what you are going to do with your old jetski or boat.Many boat donors worry that because their engine is leaking oil or seized and the trailer lights don't work the frame is rusty and the winch is gone and the trailer tires are both flat the that their item has no value and cannot be processed. This is not always the truth or the case, with the unique donation process at Boat Angel. We can process hundreds and hundreds of boats seem to have very little value. This saves boats from the landfills or from decaying in storage yards and marinas, this gives people a chance to own a low cost boat.. We have processed bass boats, ski boats that sat on trailers that needed new tires and were able to get them through the donation process.Give us the chance, the opportunity to help you unload your unwanted vessel and get you a IRS approved receipt for your income tax filing.
  • Charitable Boat Donations Simpler With Boat Angel. Why make boat donations harder than they need to be? Isn't life hard enough as it is?. When you donate anything to Boat Angel we are able to sell the items which provides funding to many charitable programs. We help with operations on a hospital ship, we provide training books and teaching materials to children internationally and we work hard here in the USA to produce movies that guide teenagers in the right direction. We guarantee smooth sailing when you let Boat Angel process your donation. Give us a call. 800 227 2643 Boat Angel

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