A Note from Boat Angel Team Members:

Oklahoma is a state that is bordered on the south by Texas and is connected to the Gulf of Mexico by river. Throughout the state there are many lakes, rivers and boating, fishing are quite popular.

Although there is not a large amount of water in Oklahoma there are unwanted boats lying about. It is not the same as you would find in California, Florida or other states which border the Ocean. Throughout Oklahoma you can visit neighborhoods where you will find unwanted boats parked in back yards some people leave them on trailers parked on their ranch. Some boats, trucks and motorcycles are left unattended in fenced in storage yards, or in gated apartment complexes lots of neglected items are just left on the side of the road. It can grow to be an eyesore. One thing is for sure a neglected motorcyle, pickup truck or boat is an eyesore. It does not take too long for the boat to be eaten by termites ruined by rainfall or snowfall and lose all it's value. Some abandoned boats have even been known to sink causing a big mess for people who live by rivers and private lakes.

Why should we care? Why is this so important to all of us? Boat Angel Outreach Center has experience; an E-Z PROCESS that makes the handling old boats, cars, rvs motorcycles and trucks that are no longer being used a breeze. Fill out a few pieces of paper, and allow the charity to sell your donated item. Someone comes and removes it for free. The donor gets a small tax write-off and the charity gets a fairly substational amount of help to fund their programs.

  • Does your boat have registration; what about the boat trailer? We can help you get rid of it and get you a receipt for donation as well. It is a much better option than just leaving it to sit around and decay.
  • How does this work? Yu fill out the EZ donation form below. You'll receive a donation package with a disposable camera, and pre-paid return envelope with questionnaire; send them back and once you return it to us we will work on processing your boat and finding a new owner for it. Even if the engines don't work. The boat just needs to have a small amount of value.. If you have questions call us toll free 800-227-2643 and you can also email us a few photos of the motorcyle, car, pontoon or bass boat. If we can process it we will. We can even process boats without trailers.
  • Please consider helping us help others. We have children programs we sponsor in India, the USA and Africa. We are trying to make a difference in this world. Boat Angel is registered with the IRS 42-1619552, one of our Donkey Ollie children's books is posted on this page please download it.

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