A Note from Boat Angel Team Members:

Thanks for visiting our Oregon boat donation center page. We are a registered charity in the USA. Our official number is 42-1619552, a donation to our organization will enable you to receive a tax deduction for your jet ski, your boat, trailer and even your car. Our phone staff at Boat Angel answer calls and respond to emails Monday through Friday and a half day on Saturday from 10 to 4PM.

We understand donating a boat is not something people do every day. We have helped process over twenty thousand boat donations and have experience processing boats and trailers of all sizes. If you have questions, if you want answers our toll free info line is 800-227-2643. We will do our best to give you up to date information concerning – the value of your boat, the actual time from donation to pickup of your boat and answer questions about transferring a boat from an estate, applications for missing titles and even how the US Coast Guard (USCG) documentation process works when you are transferring a vessel that is documented with the Coast Guard. Our phone personnel will do it’s best to give you accurate information the first time you call.

Did you inherit the boat? We can help. If your boat title is missing, we will help you. If your seasonal boat storage contract with either your marina, yacht club or even on-land storage facility is ending soon, we will help you get the boat out before more funds are due. If your boat registration has expired or you have decided not to renew your registration because you are no longer using your vessel, we will help you.

  • Your boat does not have to be a newer model, We have processed boats made in the 1940s 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. We have processed large sized tug boats with diesel engines and smaller catamarans with no engines. We have helped people get rid of older cabin cruiser and newer boats with center consoles. Our EZ process works on every type of vessel.
  • Without exception we are one of the few organizations that can process boats, jet skis and sailing yachts from all across America regardless of condition and value. We are very passionate about national and international causes and programs that we serve. We will send you a copy of one of our children’s programs which are distributed free of charge worldwide when you fill out the form below to get your donation process started. You can see first hand the programs that benefit from the donations and the funds we earn from selling those donations. The past generosity of our donors has enabled us to serve the poorest of the poor and to distribute without cost uplifting values-based books and animation projects both in the USA and internationally. When you donate a boat - when you donate a jet ski - YOU REALLY DO MAKE a difference in someone’s life!
  • During the donation process we will issue you your lawful IRS 1098c tax deduction for your donation. If your donation is valued over $5000 we will help you fill out form 8283. We co-ordinate and facilitate the arrangements for the vessel transfer and work on getting your boat picked up in the fastest way possible. We do not process boats that have no value, we do not scrap out boats for parts. When we process a donation vessel even with minimal value the entire boat is processed.
  • Do you want to receive an IRS tax deduction for your boat? Call us now to find out how or please fill in our online donation form request. Tired of trying to sell your vessel? Use our EZ process, no pestering phone calls, emails, want ads, no trailering and launching the boat from a nearby ramp. You will not have to fill or remove the old gas from your tank. Please give us a chance to process your donation. Call us today. 800-227-2643

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