A Note from Boat Angel Team Members:

If you start in Erie PA and head southeast to Philadelphia the drive can take you nearly eight hours along the rolling hills as you stop in many of the smaller PA towns you will notice cars, motorcycles, old boats, storage yards, farm vehicles all sitting abandoned as if they were frozen in time. What it is that causes people to leave these items sitting next to their homes long after they have served any useful purpose.

For nearly eight years Boat Angel has been actively involved not just in Pennsylvania but on a nationwide scale to get items like these removed from people properties and instead of the legacy of abandoned boats, cars and trucks people have the option to make a donation to a charity that is making a difference around the world.

Boat Angel sells your unwanted car, boat, house, rv, recreational vehicle. The proceed are then used to fund our children programs right here in the USA and in other countries of the world as well .We produce the Donkey Ollie TV series for pre school children and the popular Hollywood Makeover TV series for Teens. Our programs have a broadcast range in the hundreds of millions all funded by the sale of unwanted items.

  • So if you are tired looking at that abandoned boat with the non working engine or the truck that’s transmission went south.. Give us a call 800 227 2643 or fill out the form below and donate to charity instead of allowing the ravages of time to destroy the item you once held precious.

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