A Note from Boat Angel Team Members:

South Carolina is bordered by water, to the East the Atlantic Ocean and famous vacation beaches like Myrtle Beach. Throughout the state there are other many rivers and lakes and ports like Charleston. Lake Marion is the largest of ten significant lakes and there are many marshes and rivers as well.

South Carolina has many recreational boat owners from the Blue Ridge Mountains on down to Hilton Head which is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the Eastern Seaboard. It goes without saying there are a lot of boaters in South Carolinas and there are lots of boats sitting in need of repairs, and just plain someone to either use them or move them.

Some boaters are done with boating and just want to get rid of their boats. Maybe it is an older bass boat or a large sailboat with a broken diesel engine. Other boaters are looking to either upgrade to a larger boat say a sport-fisher or downgrade to a smaller boat maybe even a jet ski for their kids.

  • Boats do not run forever they require lots of maintenance. The very proximity to salt water causes corrosion to most boat parts and the harsh temperature conditions both winter and summer make it a challenge for anyone to keep up. Some boat owners simply find themselves unable or unwilling to keep up with constant boat repairs, maybe that's you? Perhaps that's why you're here today, visiting our South Carolina Boat Donation web page. Are you thinking of getting out of boating? Let us know by filling in the form below. Our process is EZ. We send all the info to you and your boat is processed with as little hassle as possible to the donor. If the boat is in a marina, it'll be moved from the marina. If the boat is at your house, then at the end of the process the boat and trailer (if included) will be picked up from your house.
  • The info we request from you is simple: Year, Make, Model, Condition. Does it have a trailer? Does the engine work? If there are questions you don't know you can answer UNKNOWN. You can donate your boat even if the engine is blown or the out drive is missing; we've even processed sailboats with no sails as well.If you don't have a trailer for your boat or jet ski you can still request the donation package. We can help you get rid of the boat you no longer want. We'll make sure you get your tax deduction for your donation. We will send you the IRS form 1098C which is specially made for the donation of boats. It will list the Hull Identification Number as well of the charity selling price and year and make. If you have boat valued over $5000 that requires IRS Form 8283 but don't worry: we'll help you complete that as well.
  • Whatever questions you have about boats and donating them we are willing to help. When you donate to Boat Angel we use the proceeds to sponsor our many kids programs. We will send you a copy of one of our projects which are distributed free of charge to children and parents around the world. Thanks you for allowing Boat Angel Outreach Center process your donation. For any questions call 800-227-2643.

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