A Note from Boat Angel Team Members:

Boat Angel makes it easy in South Dakota to donate a used car, boat, motorhome/recreational vehicle, and even a used motorcycle. Our EZ process comes right to your house. We use the USPS system to send out donation packages right to your mailbox. At that point all you need to do is open the package and fill out the information, most you will find on your vehicle’s title or registration.

We prepay for the postage to and from the donor’s house and even include a camera so you can give us pictures of what you items looks like right then.

Sounds simple right? That is why we call it the EZ Process… there is no other charity in the USA easier to donate to that Boat Angel.

  • What About my tax form? Once the item is processed we will send you a donation receipt for either the sale value or the fair market value of your donation item. It could not be easier.
  • What about pickup? Someone will contact you normally within about 12 days of us getting your package back in our return envelope. Then will come to your location and move the item.
  • How Do I get the process started? Well if you just have questions or want to just consider making a donation then call us 800 227 2643 we will answer your questions and even send a form by email. However if you want to get rid of your old boat, car, motorcycle, motorhome or even real estate fill out the form below. It could not be easier with the EZ Process. We are registered with the IRS registration number 42-1619552 donations made to Boat Angel Outreach Center are tax deductible.

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