A Note from Boat Angel Team Members:

Tennessee not only has beautiful rivers but they have wonderful lakes as well. Tennessee is not only a thriving state for the entertainment and tourism industry but is well know for education, energy and a host of other enterprises.

It is not surprising that residents of Tennessee spend lots of time boating. Some do water skiing others fishing some just do pleasure boating. The question is what happens to these boats when the boaters themselves get tired of boating? What happens when the boats get old and the children leave? What happens when someone is just too tired to make one more engine repair or replacement. In many cases the boats go into barns, garages, storage units, side yards, backyard or driveways. Left to rot it doesn't take too long before boats become eyesores. Some people decide to sell their boats not just leave them around, other people do not want to spend the time and energy selling it but still want to get rid of it. Those people often turn to Boat Angel our proven EZ process let's you donate you boat and boat trailer with no hassle. Working or not working Boat Angel can handle your donation. The only thing we don't handle is scrap boats. (Call us if you think your boat is scrap- we can usually tell you from a photo 1 800 227 2643)

What do you have to do to get rid of your Tennessee Boat Old Car, Jet Ski, Trailer, RV?

1. Fill out the form below with your name address phone and email.
2. When the donation package comes just fill that out and return it in the prepaid envelope.
3. To make it easier we enclose a Kodak camera with a prepaid return envelope. Use that to take photos of your boat and return it in the prepaid envelope.
4. Please note unless the boat is under 12 feet they are normally registered or titled. Please send copy of either you boat title or boat registration that way it can be legally transferred.

Thanks for helping Boat Angel with your Boat Donations

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