A Note from Boat Angel Team Members:

Utah not only has the wonderful Great Salt Lake but has the Colorado river to the South. Throughout Utah there are many fishermen and people who enjoy boating waterskiing and sailing. What happens when the boats are no longer working? How do you get rid of it? Some people park them on the side of the road with a For Sale sign on them, others just leave them year after year in a garage backyard, or paid storage yard.

Boat Angel can help you get rid of you opld unwanted boat and turn it into a end of the year tax receipt. Call us 800 227 2643 We have an EZ PROCESS that allows you to donate from your own home without needing to deliver the boat anywhere. Also our process does not require you to make any repairs to the boat. You simple fill out our questionaire make a copy of your boat registration (current one not needed.) our process is easy to follow, when you donate to Boat Angel your are helping fund our worldwide children's programs teaching kids about God's love and law.

If you are no longer able to enjoy the sport of boating, jet skiing because your kids have grown up and moved away or because you don't want to pay for expensive repairs, please think about us. We are grateful for all boats working or not and we can help you dispose of yours quickly painlessly.

It is easy to Donate a Boat from Utah

  • 1. Fill out the form.
  • 2. Use our Kodak Camera, take photos or e-mail photos from your phone. If you use our camera we will develop it right here.
  • 3. Return the donation information packge in the USPS prepaid envelope.
  • 4. The only other thing needed is a copy of your boat title or registration.
  • 5. You can also doante a truck, rv, motorcycle, car, and even property.

    Thanks for helping Boat Angel with your Boat Donations.

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