A Note from Boat Angel Team Members:

What do you do when you no longer have use for your old boat, car or truck? Some people keep them around for years even when the engines are no longer working and it is not likely anyone will ever get around to fixing them up.

With old boats sometimes people leave them in a campground, on a trailer, on the farm, or in a storage lot next to their townhouse. It really doesn’t matter where you leave them; they only depreciate in value the longer they are neglected. Why not give the item to a worthy cause? Boat Angel Outreach Center has been producing children’s programs for years selling old trucks, boats and cars through out the USA. If you have an old boat it doesn’t matter where you live in Vermont, we'll send you an EZ process donation package that will come right to your house. When you open it you will find a copy of our TAX EXEMPT letter, a sample of one of our children’s programs and a return postage paid envelope. If you have a boat registration or truck title, just make a copy of it and return it. Normally within about 10 days someone will come to remove your old truck or boat and you will receive a tax deduction.

The value of your receipt will vary. If your item is in good condition you can get a receipt for the Fair Market Value, you can also receive a minimum value or the Charity Sale Value. Don’t neglect your old boat one more day take the opportunity to help someone out and find a new home for your old boat car or truck.

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