A Note from Boat Angel Team Members:

Boat Angel is charity organization that offers an easy way to donate your sail boat, fishing boat, jet skis or larger vessel. Your boat does not have to run. In most cases your boat does not have to have a trailer. Boat Angel sells the items that are donated and uses the proceeds to create various programs that reach children and teens in the USA and around the world.

If you fill out the form below we will send you a donation questionnaire and a sample of one of our children’s programs. Our EZ-process is free to the donor, you will not be required to repair your boat or transport it to any location. You will receive a 1098C donation receipt when your boat is processed and sold.

If your vessel is not junk or scrap and you have proof of ownership (title or registration “not requiring current registration.”) it most likely qualifies for our EZ-Process. If you have questions contact our toll free 1-800 number. 1-800-227-2643. We have helped thousands of people who donated their boats.

  • Appreciation for Your Donation. Many charities are supported by public funds and matching employers gifts. Other Charities are supported by large corporations donating goods or services. Boat Angel Outreach Center is different. Across the USA from city and privately owned marina's to storage yards big and small, repair facilities and donor's residences we accept donation boats and cars.Our process is the only one that allows people to donate with items having but minimal value. The IRS form 1098C allows a standard up to$500 deduction for even an old boat or trailer. We have helped boat owners young and old get a standard deduction for their older unused boat. If you lost your title or registration, you will need a copy to transfer it call us we can help you get your lost paperwork and get rid of the boat. If you have a more expensive boat we can help you determine the market value of your item guiding you to websites that will give a great estimate of the current value. If you have jet ski or a large Sportfish cruiser call us. Every time someone calls 800-227-2643 they will get a reliable person who not only knows the donation process but also cares about the donation experience.
  • Boat Angel's Three-Step Donation Process Works Hard Towards Making It Easy For You.

    Step one: Do you have a copy of your boat title or registration? This is needed because nearly every state requires either registration or titling of boats. Some states make exceptions for boat without motors that are under 10 feet. But you will need the document to prove you own it. If you have misplaced it the forms to get a new one are easily available and the cost is relatively inexpensive.The title registration document is a quick way to determine Make, Model, Year, Length and type of propulsion. Your boat does not have to be currently registered to donate. The last known registration will give a pretty good clue as to when the boat was last used.

    Step Two: Can you provide us with the boat or jet ski location, tell us when t he boat was last used in the water, if it has a trailer, if the boat is on land or in a slip and .if it was winterized before the cold weather set in. Do you know the year, model and make. Most of the questions we will ask you will be quite familiar to you.All of the questions are geared to getting your boat moved as quickly as possible and getting you the donor the highest amount for your tax receipt.

    Step Three: Do to the low value of so many boats it is not possible for us to send a representative to take pictures of each and every donation. So we will ask you to do that. Either we will send you a camera and donation form in a prepackaged envelope with a return envelope included or send you an email with the questionnaire directing you where to the return the photos. Either way it is a process that takes but a little time and assists us in getting the boat picked up. We are asked. Can I send old photos? Because boats can sink, trees can fall on them,trailers can rot away, items like outboards masts, can be removed we prefer photos as the boat is now. If you need to take a cover of it or take personal items out of it don't worry you can give us the photos in a timely fashion convenient for you..

    Just give us a call 602-903-1844 we will help answer any questions

  • Let Your Boat Sail Away With Boat Angel. Getting rid of mechanical items working or not is never easy. Televisions, stereos, washing machines, air conditioners all litter our landfill. Loading up an old boat to take to a repair yard or out to the water for a test run or repairing a boat to sell can be expensive and time consuming most people never get around to it and the boats sit longer and longer depreciating sometimes rotting away.. Boat Angel does not require you to move your boat tow it anywhere drive it anywhere or sail it anywhere. Fill out the questionnaire we provide you with send it back with our self addressed Priority mail envelope.Donate your boat right where it is with a short walk back and forth to your mailbox.. If your boat is not running with an out drive or batteries if it is at an marina we can help you get rid of your boat forever. Your days of paying slip rentals for a boat or jet ski you are not using will come to a close if you use our process. Sail away with our easy process. Boat Angel does not remove salvage or junk boats. Your boat must have at least a minimal value and a transferable registration or title.

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